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S O R R A I A S : The original-Iberian-wildhorses. ~200 horses worldwide only exist !


Enano & Tabaco on Youtube


ENANO [from Valquíria & Esbélto]

ACARNERADA [from Agolada & Vaqueiro] with her newly born son EXORBITANTE [from Exotico]

 “EXO” is now one hour old

two and three years later:

That’s also “Life”


Encantado, three months old


he wasn’t healthy. Unfortunatly died at five months old

 and ...

“No Name”,

stillbirth, one month to early due to influenza

 “In Memory”

But - thank God - life continuis !

Exorbitante, three years old.Compare the head of his mother ...

Exo and Anici

He now lives with  Kathy, his new owner

this three photos: © 2004 Kathy Asmuss

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ALANA [from Arpa & Vaqueiro]

Aca and Enano

Alana doesn’t like  “marriage” and so she has no offspring.

... but from “Love” and harmony, in 2005 Aca has given birth to her first Sorraia girl “Admiração”

Admira and Nicole

and 2006 Aca has gave birth to “Erasmo”


Aca and Admiração, three days old

Admiração, four years old, 1.48 m (withers)

Erasmo, three years old, 1.47 m (withers)

by the way: only one of six foals of Enano had a little white spot (like himself on his forehead) !

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Some of our Portuguese Sorraia horses or their parents are presented in word and picture in the book: "Das Jahr des Pferdes (The year of the horses)" by Dr.Michael Schaefer. The behavior of the animals and various happenings in the herd is described extensively through a whole year. In addition, Dr. Schaefer wrote some very informative books about origin-, behavior-, attitude- and the assessment of the horses based on his own researches and observations.


The German ethologists Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Schaefer brought a little herd of six original Sorraia horses from Portugal to Germany in 1975 (Esbélto, Taréco, Arísca and Valquíria with foal Valiosa, as well as pragnent with Vaqueiro). All of them had the brand of d'Andrade. These horses increased to approx. eighty in number. We feel deeplyobliged to the Schaefer family for their contribution to the upkeep of this wonderfull race.

Dr.Schaefer became an honorary member of the Portuguese Sorraia-Association!

His favorite mare Valquíria (born in 1967) had already had foals in Portugal. She gave birth to her last foal at the age of 27: our studhorse is shown above, Enano of Esbélto.

Valiosa died early but all of the other five Sorraias are in 2001 still fit and well.

Dr.Schaefer passed away in 2001.

photos © 2002 Lerch-Wienken

photo © Schaefer